A gift of the Weinviertel Sun.

Among the best

Their names are Galgenberg, Satzen and Holzapfel, Mittelberg or Züngl. Almost all of our vineyards can be seen from the Heuriger. They all skirt the city of Retz– located in a beautiful area with southern flair, a mild climate and sandy soil. A fertile ground for some of the best Austrian wines. This is the place where we watch over fruity, fresh whites and deep, heavy reds – old grape varieties, traditionally cared for on over nine hectares.

In the recurring cycle of nature each grape demands the promise of responsibility. Nature-oriented agriculture, sustainability and uttermost care during winemaking are top priorities. We cultivate all vineyards according to the guidelines of organic viticulture.

Helmut & Petra Bergmann © Tonality Communications

The winemakers:

Helmut and Petra Bergmann

We consider tradition not to be the preservation of ash - but the passing on of a burning fire. Since six generations the Bergmann family is committed to this old wisdom and we feel its legacy stronger than ever: Our passion for Retzer hospitality and good wine is mirrored in every glass of our wine. We invite you to share the passion – with an evening at the Windmühlheuriger or a relaxed tasting at our winery!

Ripened under the sun

Wines from the Bergmann winery are wines with the mark of the mill. Whether they're fruity fresh or deep and mysterious: each one wants to be discovered, explored and enjoyed.

Space and time for a good wine

Even before wine touches the tongue and palate, it conquers the nose – with fragrances as diverse as our selection of varieties. Finding, recognizing and internalizing them requires time. Time we consider well spent. Our tasting room is an elegant retreat for relaxed tasting, deliberative savoring and talking shop with the miller and the vintner – a boutique of flavors, a space for finding one's personal favorite.

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